Thursday, March 25, 2010

Directions on How to Post to this Blog

I know there has been some confusion on how to post to the blog--here are some instructions to hopefully clarify any confusion.

In order to post a message to the blog there are two

1) You can be added as an administrator for the blog and have your own post on the main page.

-First, send an email to myself or Brian ( or and we will add you to the list of administrators.(If you plan on sending the link to others you think would like to leave a message for Mukesh, just put either of us on CC and we will automatically add whatever addresses are contained in the email). You should then receive an email confirming that you have been given administrative privileges.

-Next, follow the link to the site and sign in (located on the upper right corner of the page.) However, you do need a google account to log in (not really sure why you need this, but apparently that's how it works). If you don't have one, you can go to Google to create one. (Upper right hand corner of the Google page its says "sign in". Click here---under the sign- in box there is an option to create an account)

-After signing into the blog page, you should be brought to the "Dashboard page", there should be big blue button that says "new post" which should allow you to post. If you don't see this, try clicking "view blog", the option for a "new post" will be in the top right corner next to your login name and the sign out options.

2) This is perhaps by FAR the easier option(and what most people are now doing:

-Follow the link to the site. Under each of the posts on the main page there is an option to "comment". Some of the posts already have numerous comments and you will see "9 comments" and some do not have any. Any of the posts will work, just click on the "comment" button

-Type your message in the text box

-In the drop down box directly under the text box it says "Comment as"....pick anonymous if you do not have any of the accounts listed. (Just make sure you include your name at the end of your message in the text box)


  1. Prof. Bhargava,
    Markeing guys are always extremely positive and fight any headwinds. Get well soon and see you soon at Elliott hall.

    Bankim Desai

  2. Professor Bhargava,
    It has been a pleasure to be one of your students for multiple classes. You are truely one of the best professors I have had in my college career. Get well soon

    Danny Shahara

  3. Professor,

    I'm sorry to hear about your illness and you are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. Please get better soon, so you can get back to being the great teacher that you are!


    Brett Busuttil